Transformational leadership in a changing world

Seminar on “Transformational Leadership in a Changing World” began

This seminar is held for deputy heads of territorial police departments, heads of city and district linear police departments, their deputies, heads of local police service.

As a result of the training, participants will gain practical skills in crisis management, become familiar with the tools for effective interaction between the police and local executive bodies, and learn about modernization of the public law enforcement service and anti-corruption culture in law enforcement agencies.

At motivational lectures, strategic sessions, during interactive discussions and trainings, the seminar participants will receive a lot of information about the role of effective communications in ensuring public satisfaction, about the brand of the organization in social networks (SMM), about the role of the first leader in promoting the organization in the information space, what is storytelling in social networks.

Working in small groups, they will familiarize themselves with the project management tools, and at the end of the seminar they will develop a project that they will have to present to the competent members of the commission.