Internships of representatives of the highest level of civil servants of the Russian Federation are continuing at the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The exchange of experience is devoted to the mechanisms for the implementation of national projects. Russian civil servants undergo training and share their experience in the successful realization of national projects and programs. The program covers a wide range of topical issues on approaches to reforming the civil service in the Republic of Kazakhstan and includes the following issues: Strategic planning at the state level; Sustainable development strategy, solving environmental problems, environmental education; Scientific and technological development of the country; Development of small and medium-sized businesses in the country; Social housing programs; Social policy of the country: demography and education; Programs for the development of the country’s digital transformation; Spatial and territorial planning of countries.
The coaching staff is formed from the certified project managers and business trainers of the Academy. «We are holding this event at the initiative of our Russian colleagues. We have developed a special training program. The Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation is the main partner of the Academy. Apart from the trainers of the Academy, we invited the state bodies and members of organizations who are directly involved in the implementation of national projects as speakers»,-says Aigerim Abilova, Head of the Cabinet for the implementation and promotion of educational programs of the Institute of Professional Development.
The participants highly appreciated the professionalism of Kazakh specialists. They also noted that trainers and project managers rationally use new technologies to creation, development and implementation of national progects. «There are a lot of young managers in your country who have graduated from foreign universities and have work experience»,-says Andrei Antonov, Deputy Governor of the Tomsk Region for Economics.
During the exchange program will organize business meetings with the leadership of government agencies, enterprises of the quasi-public sector in the framework of the national projects of the participants being implemented.