Forum of Rectors of Foreign Academies of Public Administration

In May, the Presidential Academy of Public Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan hosted a forum of rectors of foreign public administration academies at the new Leadershiptalks venue.

The Leadershiptalks site was dedicated to the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The event is absolutely phenomenal, and it took place at the highest level! The forum brought together the rectors of friendly Academies in a single expert platform to exchange experiences and discuss leadership trends in public administration.

Here we discussed issues of modern competencies of civil servants, training leaders for SMART government, managers in public administration in the context of globalization, and shared our experiences. During breaks, we communicated very tightly in the corridors and on the sidelines, because as you know, the lion’s share of interesting things happens during communication in the corridors, and the most important thing for which they are held is networking, that is, the opportunity for all people to get to know each other in the subject, find intersections, and outline plans for common projects.

The forum once again confirmed the correctness of actions in the field of transformation of public consciousness, due to which positive changes took place at the Academy.