Scientific research in the field of public administration and civil service

Scientific research in the field of public administration and civil service

The Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan has completed scientific research in the field of public administration and civil service.

The studies were carried out from August 20 to November 30, 2020 within the framework of the Astana Civil Service Hub project to support the scientific school of public administration.

The research activities according to the signed ToR were carried out on the following 6 tasks:

  1. «Public administration during the pandemic»
  2. «Improving management in government»
  3. «Improving the system of performance evaluation of administrative civil servants and the government agencies»
  4. «Development of systemic measures in the prevention of conflicts of interest»
  5. «Communication strategies of government agencies in the context of crisis and reforms»
  6. «Studying the role and status of modern HR in Kazakhstani organizations of the private, quasi-public and public sectors»

Into the Research there were involved 45 executors, from among the faculty and research staff of the Academy and its regional branches. Foreign experts from the EBRD and OECD were also involved in the expertise of international experience.

Despite the current quarantine conditions, the project teams successfully coped with the tasks set within each research topic.

For the purposes of the research, there were used online survey methods, in-depth and expert interviews, desk research, organizational and functional analysis, focus groups with the participation of government agencies, the civil sector and business.

In the course of the research tasks, appropriate recommendations, methods and proposals were developed, aimed at further professionalization of the state apparatus. More information about the research results can be found here:

Based on the results of the research and the experience gained, the project teams expressed interest in continuing research in areas such as assessment and strategic planning, methodology for stratification of management levels and information flows, digital culture and improvement of HR processes.