Listeners visited the Law Enforcement Center

Listeners in the framework of the practical case visited the Center for Law Enforcement Services

The Center for Law Enforcement Services was established to ensure the unimpeded realization of human and civil rights, as well as legal entities, in person, register and ensure the consideration of appeals, provide advisory assistance to the population, and effectively distribute the appeals of citizens and legal entities among state bodies.

The main goal of creating the Center is to increase the level of public confidence in government, including law enforcement agencies, by changing approaches to the consideration of appeals.

The Center for Law Enforcement Services provides the following services to the population free of charge:

  1. personal reception of individuals and representatives of legal entities, giving advice on legal issues within the competence of authorized bodies;
  2. receiving applications from individuals and legal entities;
  3. making an appointment with the management of the authorized body;
  4. providing information on the progress of consideration of appeals and issuing copies of answers;
  5. assistance in drafting complaints and petitions to the court.

The students got acquainted with the work regulations, gained practical skills in organizing and working with the public.